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Sasha P Video Release 418


Video for StasyQ 418
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About Release

Sasha P is making a comeback to StasyQ in a big way. This Bolivian bombshell has been the star of the show for 3 releases before this one, but she's looking to make a big splash this time around. The latest Sasha P release 418 will have you begging for more as this babe shows you how she can work a set while wearing heels and a skimpy outfit. With a short skirt and yellow crop top, you just know this cutie is up to no good. It's not until she shows you her ripped fishnet stockings and top that you realize just how freaky this babe is. Said Energizer really did an amazing job with the perfect lighting in both the video and the photos for this gorgeous babe. But it's no surprise since he did an amazing job with all her exclusive Sasha P videos and erotic nudes.