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Putri Cinta Video Release 421


Video for StasyQ 421
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What better way to start 2021 than to check out Putri Cinta in her latest role. If you've been a member of StasyQ for a while, then you're probably acquainted with this gorgeous petite Indonesian bombshell. If you're new, then we wish you a warm welcome and hope that you'll love PutriQ release 421 as much as we did. Said Energizer nailed the look of Putri this time just like he did last time. He made sure to catch her perfect petite body in full nudity from various angles for you guys. He also made sure to get a glimpse of that gorgeous young face of hers too! The first release of this year will feel quite cozy, homey, and most of all, erotic as heck! The white lingerie looks perfect on her in her exclusive PutriQ photos. The real pleasure, however, is in the full video! Check it out!