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Putri Cinta Video Release 389


Video for StasyQ 389
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We've got Putri Cinta with us and she's back at it again with her latest PutriQ release 389. This time around she'll be performing at the swimming pool. She has these seductive cat-eye sunglasses on and her swimsuit is tight. Of course, the swimsuit is not what we're interested in here. We've seen Putri Cinta many times, but you can always go for a fresh peek. Said Energizer gives us that peek when he takes all of these exclusive Putri Cinta photos. He makes sure to catch her from every angle while she poses in the sexiest positions yet. All of this gets amplified in the video when you get to see Putri Cinta in live action. And with the hat she's wearing, she has a really classy finish too. You'll definitely enjoy this petite Indonesian babe with her small perky tits. Go ahead and watch the video right now!