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Pretty Potato Video Release 396

STASYQ MODEL: Pretty Potato

Video for StasyQ 396
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Get ready to be aroused by a... hot pastry chef? While JennyQ is obviously having trouble being productive in the bakery, she's pretty damn hot. The latest JennyQ release 396 proves this in so many ways. Said Energizer brought this beautiful Russian blonde to a bakery and just let her loose. She immediately saw an opportunity to make a mess. You can see just how messy things got in her free JennyQ pics. But to really get a feel of the set, you need to watch the exclusive JennyQ video. In it, this babe really shows you her true colors as she spreads white flour all over her smooth skin. She loves smothering herself in flower, and the more she strips down, the more she gets covered. She's one of the bravest sexy naked teens on this platform who are ready to try out new things, so don't miss out!