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Pretty Potato Video Release 388

STASYQ MODEL: Pretty Potato

Video for StasyQ 388 BONUS
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About Release

Beauty and art can only get you excited to a certain point before it gets dull. Add in erotica to the mix, and now we're talking business. That's exactly what JennyQ did in this latest bonus release. We're, of course, talking about the JennyQ release 388, and it's going to blow your socks off when you see her in action. Said Energizer took the liberty of filming two phenomenal videos with JennyQ and they're hot as hell. In the first exclusive JennyQ video, she's smoking a cigarette next to a painting outdoors. She's also covered in paint and completely nude! After a bit of light-themed adult fun, we turn over to her dark side. We get to see JennyQ covered in neon paint as she performs in the dark with her beautiful tits showing every step of the way. You should check out her small tits right here, right now.