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Little Dragon Video Release 471

STASYQ MODEL: Little Dragon

Video for StasyQ 471
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December can be a pretty cold and grueling month, outside of the holiday celebrations. Have you ever thought about what the best way is to warm up in these months? We have a proposal, and it's to check out the latest StasyQ releases! This time around, we are taking you to an exotic (and erotic) island, with none other than Said Energizer behind the camera. But what's even more important is who is in front of the camera, and this time around we have our gorgeous model Little Dragon. Her model name comes from the sex tattoo she has on her thigh. We're pretty sure she loved shooting her Little Dragon release 471 on this tropical destination. The golden hour exclusive Little Dragon photos are absolutely stunning, and so is the erotic video. This redhead really does trump most other sexy naked teens, so definitely check out her full video.