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DorsyQ Video Release 447


Video for StasyQ 447
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Is there a better combination than sexy lingerie and black leather? DorisQ intends to find out in the latest StasyQ release! She's one heck of an erotic model with absolutely stunning tits that are to die for. In her DorisQ release 447, she's going to show all of that off, and then some. First of all, she's going to work that ass for the camera while wearing a skimpy black lingerie set. Said Energizer took extra care to match the black lingerie with the leather furniture. That way you get to witness her hot body rubbing against black leather while she's teasing you with her gorgeous body. However, it's not like she's going to keep that lingerie set on forever. At some point she's going to take it all off and reveal to us both her huge and perfect titties as well as her pussy. Watch the full video immediately!