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CarolQ Video Release 449


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About Release

Aren't blue-eyed redheads the best? When's the last time you've even seen one out there? Today you're finally going to get your chance with the help of Said Energizer. He went out and found the hottest redhead ever, and her stage name is CarolQ. This babe has it all. The tits, the ass, the red hair, the big blue eyes, the luscious lips, the shaved pussy, it's all there. And guess what, you're going to get to see it all in her debut CarolQ release 449. You don't want to miss this one for the world. She has one heck of a lingerie set on her, and when she takes it off, you'll know why you're a premium user. Her smooth skin and perfect curves in her exclusive CarolQ erotic nudes are going to rock your world. Make sure to watch the full video of this gorgeous babe as well.