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Candice B Video Release 510


Video for StasyQ 510
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About Release

Is there anything more appealing than the sight of a busty blonde in a little black dress? CandiceB knows it's not about what she wears but about what hides beneath the black fabric. In Video Release 510, the fiery StasyQ model teams up with Said Energizer's supreme camera to create a stunning masterpiece. The belle feels the urge to dance slowly while her naughty hands soon get a mind on their own. They lower, only to release a pair of big, perfectly round melons out of their soft prison. The light-haired goddess shakes them softly while feeling her pink nipples standing up from the arousal. It's not the end of the sizzling show. CandiceB lifts the dress, only to reveal her majestic behind. Does she wear any panties? You'll have to wait for CandiceB to lay on the white floor and spread her legs. It is worth the wait.